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Painting and feeling the flow of Creativity

November 14th, 2011

I've been blessed with a few thoughts of inspiration this year. The chance to work and still have time to paint is a opportunity i've longed for. Last year had been such a bad time in my life. The amount of dissapointments and stingers have left me twice shy. My optimistic outlook was seriously damaged. So, This year is feeling a little better, and maybe getting better. :)
I felt it for the first time this week. That feeling of "maybe I really am a Artist" lol, I know i am, and I think i'm not going to see success till I die. The urge to paint the way I want to paint is hard, cause I want to please people more than just please myself. My Cigarette, Red Wine , Introductions, and the Chinese Proverb paintings are all for me! And I hope you like them, cause they are flowing out of me like music.